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Director of Missions Notes

Dear Friends in Christ,
   I want to begin by asking prayer for three of our sister churches. Currently right now we have Mt. Freedom Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist Church, and Springfield Baptist Church that are without pastors. Please pray that God will lead strong evangelistic and mission minded pastors to these churches. Pray these pastors will be doctrinally sound in their theology, and that they will have a Christ like love for their church and community.  Pray that God will use the men and women of these pulpit committees to have a God led Spirit within them to know when the right person is before them. Let's lift up our brothers and sisters at these churches before the Lord, that God will use them and continue to minister through them as they seek His will and guidance in calling a pastor.
     I also want to thank everyone who participated and took part in Family Fest. This was truly a great success for our association and the Woman's Missionary Union. We completed 46 projects in 18 areas of our two counties. We had four professions of faith in Jesus Christ and many seeds planted in people's lives that we pray will continue to grow and eventually bring people forward into our churches.
     Cheryl and I have just returned from Swaziland, Africa where God used out team of twelve people to do ministry that impacted many. We saw thirty one people make decisions for Jesus Christ, and we delivered thirty two Baptist Global Relief Buckets to needy families that had been prepared right here in Kentucky. This was an experience that I will never forget.
     There are many hurting people in this world. The problem is we do not understand each other. All that we truly know is what we have seen on television and movies and that does not portray things accurately. I saw people who wanted a better life, but they have no opportunity before them because there is no industry to work for or any way to earn much money. They want to feed and take care of their families, but again how can they do this when there is not any opportunity to earn a living? There is such a drought in that land. The ground is so dry that rivers, ponds, and lakes have dried up. The Swazi people need your prayers. Please pray for rain.
     On September 14th 7:00 PM Cheryl and I will be giving an account of our trip to Swaziland. We would like to invite you to join us at Willisburg Baptist Church as we share our story, pictures, videos, and some of the items that we brought back. We had some people that helped us with donations for the trip. We want to say thank you for those donations and for all the prayers that went up for us during that time.
     God is truly good, and what a blessing it is to serve Him.
Sincerely in Christ,
Bro. Jay Hatfield


 Spingfield Baptist Church will be having their Senior Adult Luncheon at noon on September 19th and October 17th. If you would like to bring a side dish (salad, vegetable, or desert) to complete the meal, it would be welcomed but not required. Bring a friend and come for a great time of food and fellowship.


What: Evangelism Training - 3 Circles

Where: Woodlawn Baptist Church

When: September 26th & October 3rd 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


What: The Central Association Annual Music Night

Where: Lebanon Baptist Church

When: September 17th 6:00 PM


What: CBA Annual Fall Meeting

Where: Stewart's Creek Baptist Church
When: October 2nd 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


What: Revival Services

Where: Woodlawn Baptist Church

When: October 6th - 8th 7:00 PM






Rev. Everett Hood

Rev. Dan Durham

Rev. Steve Skaggs



 Kim Yankey

Rev. Joseph Lumbrix

Jennifer Butler

Rev. Damian Phillips




Rev. Bill & Jeannie Proctor

Rev. Everett & Debbie Hood

Rev. Kyle & Kim Yankey



Rev. Dan & Leslie Durham


Church Information:

Bethlehem Baptist - Rev.Kyle Yankey
Bradfordsville Baptist - Rev. John Simpson / Music Minister-Chery Mattingly / Youth Ministers-Susan Murphy & Melissa Million Children's Minister-Bonnie D. Smothers
Brush Grove Baptist - Rev. Everett Hood / Music Minister-Deborah Hood / Youth Minister-Sharon Irizarry Children's Minister-Kim Lewis
Central Baptist - Rev. Bill Proctor / Music Minister-Judy McCarty / Children's Minister-Jeannie Proctor
Lebanon Baptist - Dr. David Whitlock / Music Minister-Dr. Robert Gaddis / Youth Minister-Kandice Spalding
Mackville Baptist - Rev. Damian Phillips  (Starting May 21st) / Music Minister-Gary Carney
Mount Freedom Baptist - Without / Children's Minister-Wendy Chesser
Mount Olivet Baptist - Rev. Joseph Lumbrix / Music Minister-Maurice P. Wilson
Muldraugh Hill Baptist - Without / Music Minister-James Sabo Sr. / Youth Minister-Caleb Browning
New Hope Baptist - Rev. Tobe Yankey / Music Minister-Tex Barton
Rockbridge Baptist - Rev. Terry McIlvoy
Springfield Baptist - Without / Music Minister - Without / Youth Minister-Barrett Tingle / Children's Minister-Jane Clay Kephart
Stewart's Creek Baptist - Rev. Dan Durham / Youth Minister-Debbie Burdette
Temple Baptist - Rev. Cal Adams / Music Minister-Cathy C. Burns / Youth Minister-Rev. Cal Adams / Children's Minister-Jan Haydon
Thompsonville Baptist - Rev. Jerry Goss / Music Minister-Kathy Holderman
Unity Baptist - Rev. Jordan Simpson / Music Minister-Michael Carrier / Children's Minister-Melissa Marple
Willisburg Baptist - Rev. Jay Hatfield / Music Minister-Beaulah Chesser 
Woodlawn Baptist Rev. David Butler / Music Minister-Tony Mann 
Brookhaven Mission - Rev. Ramon Hollins